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  • Maria Hernandez Park (map)

Join me and Dance to the People for our fourth mindful trash outing of 2019.

1-1:15 - Arrivals and introductions

1:15-2 - Walking and movement meditation
Through a guided Movement Meditation in the park, participants will practice clearing thoughts, habits, and patterns of judgement. The idea is to bring our full embodied presence to the space and to our actions as we interact with waste.

2-3- Pick up trash route
We will walk down the street, picking up recyclable items (glass, plastic and cans), maintaining the presence we found through the meditation.

3-4 trash performance and community feedback
We will gather outside the subway station of Myrtle Wyckoff and improvise a dance ritual around our treasures. We'll use some tie to reflect in group about our relationship to the trash we collected.

This is part of a movement research we're developing this year on following the different journeys that consumption and waste take, and their repercussions on social and environmental life.