Annie And Jo

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identity formation

At the beginning of this year I set out to write a newsletter on the history of U.S. Feminism. However, once I began, I realized that in order to include everything I would need to write a book. I felt more inclined to write this newsletter about why, in the U.S., feminism has become a conflicted identity.



We are in a continuous state of inquiry, which was exacerbated after the 2016 United States election. We’ve discussed and questioned notions of gender, sexuality, and female rights. For such an extensive topic we decided to write a newsletter trilogy and send number one on International Women’s Day. Coming to you first is something I came up with after the Women's March on Washington. I needed to write about ethics, I needed to visualize a different world, and I needed to laugh. I shared it with Annie and she provided some input and ideas. I hope you enjoy part one, “The Feminist Non-Religion Religion”.


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