My given name at birth was Joanna Alice Stone (often Alice is omitted as it is the poor forgotten middle name). When I was younger my parents and friends started to call me Jo.  By the time I was studying dance in graduate school at Texas Woman's University my name had evolved into JoStone.  All names have stuck. You pick how you'd like to call me. 

I distinctly remember the summer before I entered my final year of middle school. I would put on music in my room and stretch for as long as I could every day. I also decided that fast food chains and processed food snacks were not healthy food options. I started to influence my friends to stretch, workout, and eat healthier foods. That summer was the start of my career. 

Understanding the body from within (somatic awareness) is my research. Educating others to understand their bodies is my job. Empowering students to reach their personal fitness and health goals is my passion. Dance is my art. Encouraging an intrinsic human relationship with ecosystem through moving with nature is my call to action.