I am a Brooklyn based performer, teaching artist, and writer. Currently I work with Dance to the People (DTTP).  Inspired by current environmental dance research, I recently choreographed Evolution is not Anthropocentric.

I have a BA in Theater and Dance from the University of Texas and an MA in Dance with a graduate certificate in Women’s Studies from Texas Woman’s University. Before returning to graduate school I collaborated with Rosanna Gamson and Contradanza on Aura, a full length performance. I moved to Mexico City to work full time with Contradanza. We performed in schools and towns throughout Mexico that had little access to the arts or even toilet paper. We performed in Cuba in 2005 when it was still governed by Fidel Castro.  The eagerness of the audiences, their profound feedback from the experience, and for me, seeing real poverty for the first time, augmented my belief in the importance of dance for humanity.  It is expression, emotional freedom, and communication beyond everyday vocabulary and social structure. It crosses borders. Dance is human.

After graduate school I was the editorial assistant for CONTACT QUARTERLY and continue to be a contact improviser. I dance contact improvisation because it removes hierarchical positioning from the dance making process, it is a community dance form, and it allows me to empathize and connect.

I also dance at clubs, in dance cardio classes, in my kitchen, and with my friends.  If you ever feel like dancing, I'll join you!