I build workout programs suitable to your individual needs. I believe in a holistic approach to training in which I take into account your diet, daily routines, job, and other important factors to overall health.  

 We can workout in your house, office, at a gym, outside, in the hallway, or another chosen space. I can make it work and make it fun! With a background in fitness, barre, yoga, HIIT, Tabata, and dance, I've got lots to pull from to build workouts. I specialize in fat burning and toning to lengthen muscles. Safety and proper form are fundamental to my training method. I want you to understand the proper alignment and execution of each exercise so even when I'm not present your personal workouts are effective.

I have been working with many of my clients for more than three years. The best part of being a personal trainer is establishing relationships with my clients. I want everyone to feel comfortable setting goals with me, trying new things, and voicing opinions.  We are always changing up the workouts to make sure the body does not plateau and to keep learning! I became a personal trainer because I spent years studying the body and I find it rewarding to share my knowledge with others.  I look forward to working with my clients every day because I get to help them achieve!

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