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Environmental Dance. Addressing the Big Questions Gently is a research paper published online through Ausdance.  The research was originally presented at the World Dance Alliance Global Submit 2014 in Angers, France. ABSTRACT: Efforts to maintain and protect the environment have recently gained notable attention. Scientists, philosophers, educators and artists, among many others, have initiated positive actions that seek to change the ways that humans relate to the ecosystem. As well, members within the dance community have inadvertently established new movement values that seek to promote and encourage ecological balance. New ideologies in environmental ethics support a non-anthropocentric value theory that recognises the intrinsic value of all species to the function of an ecosystem. In this paper I show that environmental dance can be an artistic experience in nature that upholds contemporary environmental ethical values. I evaluate past personal choreographic choices, examine movers who explore the concept of ecocentrism in somatic practice, and present a possible ideology for environmental dance artists rooted in the act of ‘listening’. The role of aesthetics as a philosophy for art and nature and how it applies to social art making and environmental ethics is explored.

Evolution is not Anthropocentric was an environmental dance experiment. In this blog post I write about the research, method, and outcome as well as include notes and thoughts from the dancers and audience members involved in the process and performance.


Equilibrium Health Coaching (aka ANNIE) and I begun our journey of holistic wellness and spirituality together through shared interests. Our mission is holistic wellness empowerment that supports ecological health. We're curious about humanity and living, and passionate about sharing knowledge to energize and support the world in which we inhabit. Our monthly newsletters discuss themes relating to wellness, dance, art, community, and other topics of interest. View Past Issues Here. Sign up HERE to receive the newsletters by email.

Intangible sanity or mad reality, Moving with Nature.What does it mean, and


The Making of Narrentanz is a blog post for Dance to the People that explores the creative process of the dancers during the making of the dance piece, Narrentanz.  The dance explores ideas of madness and spectacle and is influenced by Foucault's, Madness and Civilization. 

In Leading the Way Together I talk about the profession of teaching dance and I interview two teachers, Angel Kaba and Melissa Lohman, who both taught for Dance to the People’s (DTTP) Open Class series at Brooklyn Art’s Exchange (BAX).


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